A Darker Light #3


Skin hard as diamond pushed against Dagger’s throat.  The callouses on his neck kept the diamond texture from making brown flesh bleed green.  Delicate time spent training made sure all the vulnerable parts of his body were forged into something tougher.  Still, the unpleasant sensation did nothing about his breathing.  He tried to slow it, steady it, but the pace of the moment didn’t allow the necessary calm to come.

His feet lifted off the ground as his back pressed against the moldy wall.  The ferments of the organisms surviving off the city’s filth filled his nostrils.  A pungent odor only contributed to his difficulty breathing.  His hands pushed against the forearm of his attacker, but it did no good.  Normally, a push from Dagger knocked the average Maghandi through a couple of steel walls.  But he dealth with one of his own.  An Imbued.

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Lethal #2


You know that moment in your life, where everything has been turned upside down and you realize that you never saw the forest for the trees? That’s what I’m currently experiencing. But much to my surprise, I’m not afraid. Shocked and angry, but not afraid. My hands are steady, and for some reason there’s a calm over me even as I hit the ground. And to be honest, if I was them I’d be worried about that.

A silver, bullet shaped pod lays upside down, deep in the sand of a remote beach. A clear pod door opens, and out steps Jason Hawkins. A grey t-shirt, army fatigue pants and combat boots is the attire he adorns.

By the time the pod hit the ground, I’ve had more than enough time to get over the shock. Now all that’s left is anger. I unlock the cache at the bottom of the pod. And to say the least just when I think there can’t be (hopefully) anymore surprises, Nicole manages to prove me wrong. A katanna, still in it’s sheathe is her weapon of choice for me. I’m decent with a sword, nothing spectacular, but it’s better than wading through this competition with my bare hands. First order of business is a source of fresh water, there’s got to be a stream or river somewhere towards the middle of the island.

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Welcome to a Brand New ‘Verse!

Hello one and all,

Please let me be the first to greet you into our Brave New ‘Verse, a fictional reality that is to become the playground to a number of online authors, and home of all manner of adventure.

We’re all plugging away hard on our stories, and we’ll fill you in on details as they come.

For now kick up your feet and say hi. Exciting things are just on the horizon!

Love and laughs,
Miranda Sparks