Spellbound #3 “The Void, Part Two”


Sometimes I wonder why I was nicknamed Lucky, because frankly, just about everything leading up to this morning hasn’t exactly been… well, lucky for me. I’m a half mortal/half warlock, I’m being raised by a straight-laced aunt and an uncle who loves making chaos, I have a crush on a girl I can’t even say two words to without freezing up, and I have an algebra test on Monday that I’m nowhere near ready for.

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Spellbound #2 “The Void, Part One”


“The Void, Part One”

Lucky and his best friend Riley had many traditions dating back to the first time they hung out together. The first time they removed their shoes at Riley’s house, Riley’s left shoe sat next to Lucky’s right, and Lucky’s left sat next to Riley’s right, which was something they’d done ever since.

Another tradition was the thumb wrestling competition to see who would prank the pizza man when he showed up at their door, a game which became much more fun since Jax kept Jerrica busy so Lucky could use his powers when he won.

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Spellbound #1 “Rise & Shine”


The alarm clock went off as Lucky Sullivan’s hand reached out from under the blanket to find the snooze button. After three failed attempts to find the clock to stop it, he just pointed a finger at it, muting it without even touching the device.

“Lucky, it’s time to get up!” Jerrica yelled from the kitchen downstairs. “You’ll be late for school!”

Lucky groaned as he sat up and planted his bare feet on the floor as his six foot frame stood up. He headed toward the bathroom, scratching the back of his sandy blonde hair as he started the shower.Continue reading

Spellbound #0 – Welcome to the Family


“One more push!” the old nun shouted as the young woman in the bed, drenched in sweat and tears, did as she was told. The woman screamed in pain, giving one last good push until the screams of a new born baby boy were heard over his mother’s cries.

The new life was quickly cleaned in a wrapped in a blanket as the young woman in the bed finally started to relax as the nun carried the baby toward the door.

“My… baby,” the young woman said. “Let me see my baby.”

The nun looked at the young woman’s father standing out in the hall, giving the nun a stern look.

“Please, I need to see my baby,” the young woman said with sadness in her eyes, already knowing the answer. “Please.”

The nun just stared away, knowing she’d be facing those eyes every day for a very long time as she walked out of the room with the child.

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