Spellbound #0 – Welcome to the Family


“One more push!” the old nun shouted as the young woman in the bed, drenched in sweat and tears, did as she was told. The woman screamed in pain, giving one last good push until the screams of a new born baby boy were heard over his mother’s cries.

The new life was quickly cleaned in a wrapped in a blanket as the young woman in the bed finally started to relax as the nun carried the baby toward the door.

“My… baby,” the young woman said. “Let me see my baby.”

The nun looked at the young woman’s father standing out in the hall, giving the nun a stern look.

“Please, I need to see my baby,” the young woman said with sadness in her eyes, already knowing the answer. “Please.”

The nun just stared away, knowing she’d be facing those eyes every day for a very long time as she walked out of the room with the child.

“Get rid of it,” the young woman’s father said. “My daughter is to never have any contact with it, or the father’s family.”

“I understand. A foster family has already expressed interest in the child,” the nun said as the father walked away, not even bothering to check in on the condition of his daughter as he left the hospital. There were business meetings to attend to that couldn’t wait.


The baby, now several weeks old, was sleeping peacefully in a crib, unaware of the horrible fate that would have been in store for him, if it weren’t for a last minute rescue. Downstairs, the door was kicked open, sending wood and splinters flying as a young man carrying a double bladed scythe attached to his back walked in and looked around. He was no older than seventeen, dressed in black, along with a long black duster over his clothes, with short cut brown hair and a mean look on his face.

Two men came running toward him, but the young man grabbed them and rammed them together to render them unconscious. Several more men were heading towards him as the young man sighed.

“Come on, guys, we all know how this is going to go,” Leo Collins said in a bored tone. “You attack me, I beat you to a bloody pulp, we all have a good laugh. Step down now, no one gets hurt and we all save a fortune in medical bills. What do you say?”

One of them pulled out a switchblade and Leo pulled out his scythe and smirked. “Mine’s bigger than yours is.”
Upstairs, the child slept peacefully as the sound of fighting filled the air. Men screaming, furniture breaking, and vases shattering over people’s heads were heard, but nothing awoke the child. When the sound of silence came, only then did the child start to open his eyes. That’s when the door started to slowly open and Leo walked in, looking down into the crib.

“Hey, kid,” Leo said softly. “I’m your Uncle Leo. You’re probably wondering how I found you.”

As Leo picked the baby up, one of the men was slowly sneaking up on him with an axe. As he was about to strike, a timber wolf tackled the man to the ground, growling madly in his face.

“Down, Mark,” Leo said as he looked at the baby. “We’re done here, we’re taking this little bundle of joy somewhere more safe.”

“Really?” a man said as he stood in the doorway. He was dressed a proper English gentleman, complete with a bowler hat and umbrella. “You’ll not be taking the child anywhere until he says otherwise.”

“Was wondering when I’d get to play with you,” Leo said as he put the baby down. “I’ve heard the tales from my friends. Ed, is it?”

“Evil Ed,” the man said. “I’ve heard of your adventures as well, Mr. Collins. Unfortunately for you, they end here-”

The man was cut off as a vase smashed over his head. Behind him stood a scrawny young man with straggly reddish blonde hair.

“Can we go? I’m hungry,” Mouse told him.

“Aw, I was about to have the most epic battle of my career,” Leo sighed as he picked the baby back up. “You really know how to ruin a good time.”

“You killed Dracula,” Mouse reminded him. “Twice.”

“But he wasn’t British,” Leo told him as they walked out the door.


“So much power,” Jerrica said as she held onto the helpless infant. She had long flowing brunette hair and purple eyes. She looked down at the baby and sensed his energy immediately. “He’ll grow up to be a strong wielder of magic.”

“Which is why it was decided that you and Jax should raise him,” Leo told them. “Train him in his powers to protect himself. Your father knows about him and he won’t rest until he has the baby.:

“The baby? Doesn’t he have a name?” Jax asked as he sat in the chair. Jax looked exactly like his sister, only with shaggy bleach blonde hair. He was playing with a deck of chards, shuffling them between hands.

“The nuns were calling him Lucas before he was *adopted*,” Leo told them. h”They had no idea what kind of home they were sending him to.”

“Lucas it is, then,” Jerrica said.

“Lucky,” Jax said as he put a finger under the baby’s chin to get a giggle. “Oh, we’re going to have so much fun together.”

“You are not going to teach this baby how to use his powers for mischief,” Jerrica said.

“As the embodiment of chaos, it is my duty to teach him to have fun,” Jax reminded her as he looked at Leo. “Twins in our dimension get split up into two halves when created. One half gets order and repsonsibility as their main trait, the other gets, well, the fun part.”

“Just keep an eye on him, he’s my nephew, too,” Leo told him.

“You’re not staying?” Jerrica asked.

“Stuff to do, people to save,” Leo replied. “But I’ll be checking in now and again.”

“Good guy, but waaaaay too much angst,” Jax said as he took the baby. “I can’t wait to show you the wonders of the world, like putting snakes into the ballpit at your first birtdday party.”


“They won’t be poisonous,” Jax told her. “We’ll save that for your twelfth birthday.”


“Lucas Walker Sullivan!” Jerrica shouted as she stared up at the ceiling and saw four year old Lucky crawling around on all fours. “Get down here!”

Lucky fell into her arms, laughing. “That was fun!”

“It was fun the first few times you did that to avoid a bath, now it’s just annoying,” Jerrica said as she put him down. “Honestly, I wish I could put a restraining spell on your powers until you were old enough to use them responsibly.”

“Yeah, but then I’d just take it off again,” Jax said as he appeared behind them in a puff of smoke. “The kid shouldn’t be restrained. He needs to be free to learn how to handle his powers, like we were.”

“We were raised in the Dark Dimension,” Jerrica reminded him as she started the bath. “Where this kind of thing was normal. Now we’re on Earth, where people wouldn’t understand seeing kids walk on ceilings or levitate their food.”

“You know we could just turn any nosy neighbors into toads, right?” Jax asked as he sat on the edge of the tub. He snapped his fingers, transforming his clothes into a pair of swimming trunks as he sat in the water. Jerrica handed Lucky to him after getting him undressed as the boy was sat in the water, where he started splashing his uncle.

“Are you going to turn the whole world into toads if they ask about what’s going on?” Jerrica asked as Jax started washing Lucky’s hair.

“If need be,” Jax replied. “Nobody’s going to harm this kid while we’re around. We’re his protectors, and we’re going to make sure no one gets to him.”

“Where’s my rubber ducky?” Lucky asked.

“Who needs a rubber ducky?” Jax asked as he cupped his hands and revealed a real baby duck. “When you’ve got the real deal?”

Lucky started giggling as the duck was put into the water as Jerrica rolled her eyes.


“It has been four years, sir,” Evil Ed said as he watched his master sitting on his throne. “When will you strike? The boy will be a man before you know it.”

“His powers grow,” the man in the dark said. “He is not yet ready for me. But soon. Soon I will claim what is mine, and I will destroy any who stand in my way, even my own children.”

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Hailing from the magical land of Greenwood, Indiana, Tobias Christopher is the codename for America's daring, highly trained retail worker. His purpose, to defend human freedom against Bieber, a ruthless pop star determined to rule the world.


  1. I will echo Scott by saying that I’m surprised how in depth Tobias was able to get. We have the ominous birth and setup and already see the factions that are forming or making themselves known. I’m not really sure where Tobias goes from here; it is a coming of age story, do we find our protagonist fully grown, what are we in store for? Can’t wait to see more!

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