Spellbound #2 “The Void, Part One”


“The Void, Part One”

Lucky and his best friend Riley had many traditions dating back to the first time they hung out together. The first time they removed their shoes at Riley’s house, Riley’s left shoe sat next to Lucky’s right, and Lucky’s left sat next to Riley’s right, which was something they’d done ever since.

Another tradition was the thumb wrestling competition to see who would prank the pizza man when he showed up at their door, a game which became much more fun since Jax kept Jerrica busy so Lucky could use his powers when he won.


“Pizza!” the delivery man said as he knocked on the door.

“Just leave it with me,” a high-pitched voice said as the delivery man looked around.

“Who said that?”

“Me!” the voice said from the ground. The pizza man looked down at a toy clown holding a twenty-dollar bill.

“Are you kidding me?” the pizza man asked with a laugh as he put the pizza down and slowly reached for the money. He quickly snatched the bill out of the clown’s hand as the toy clown stood there unmoving. He laughed again as he stood up, backing up against the six-foot clown that looked exactly like the toy.

“Don’t you want your tip?” the deep baritone voiced clown said as the pizza man turned around. The clown’s plastic face contorted into a hideous smile as the pizza man wet himself in terror and ran off screaming.


Another tradition was watching bad movies. Not just bad movies, horrificly bad movies. Movies that made your brain shut down from the sheer badness. Tonight’s selections were ‘The Room’, ‘Sharknado’ and ‘Jack & Jill’.

“And there goes my last brain cell,” Riley said as he watched Adam Sandler appear in drag. He was laying on his stomach with his legs in the air. “It’s dead, not coming back. Please send cash in lieu of flowers.”

“At least it’s better than ‘That’s My Boy’,” Lucky said as he sipped his soda as sat on the couch. “Barely.”

“So, have you decided who’s coming to your party?” Riley asked as he turned his head back toward Lucky.

“Well, you, my guardians,” Lucky said. “Uncle Leo, and… that new girl.”

“How’d you manage to talk to her? Your brain goes numb whenever you’re in the same room together,” Riley reminded him.

“Well, I might have cheated and used magic,” Lucky admitted.


Andie was getting a book out of her locker while Lucky was standing in the bathroom in his underwear, looking at a scarecrow wearing his clothes. He put a glamour on it so that scarecrow looked exactly like him before sending it walking awkwardly out to the girl across the hall.

“Hello, friend and/or acquaintance,” Fake Lucky said as it tilted its head slightly. “I am having a celebration of my birth and would like to have you appear.”

Fake Lucky handed Andie the invitation. The girl smiled a little as she took it.

“Okay, I’ll think about it,” Andie said as she closed her locker. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine, friend and/or acquaintance,” Fake Lucky said. “I look forward to seeing you at the celebration of my birth. Good day.”

Fake Lucky awkwardly walked back across the hall, but instead of going into the bathroom, it fell down the stairwell as people started screaming.


“Luckily the glamour wore off before anyone saw it was me, but since I can’t magic up clothes I had to wait until school let out so I could fly home,” Lucky told him.

“You can’t magic up clothes?” Riley asked.

“Well, I can, but they evaporate after about a minute,” Lucky told him. “Not really great at making solid objects that can hold up for a long amount of time. It’s like the food thing. I can make it, but it’s gonna taste like crap.”

“Yeah, but once you get your full powers you can do that stuff, right?” Riley asked.

“Supposedly,” Lucky replied. “For right now I can only do parlor tricks like that scarecrow thing, glamours, flying, things like that. I can’t do anything majorly powerful just yet.”

“You know, if Andie’s coming to your party, won’t your aunt and uncle have to, you know, act more normal so she doesn’t see them doing their magic?” Riley asked.

“It’ll be fine,” Lucky said, laughing nervously. “I mean, it’s not like anything bad’s going to happen with her there, right? Plus my uncle Leo’s going to be there, I haven’t seen him since…”

Riley got up and went over to Lucky, putting an arm around his shoulder. “Try to think of something happier, like what you’re getting for your birthday. It’s your 16th, man, it’s time to think of better things.”

“Right,” Lucky smiled. “Thanks for reminding me of better things.”

“What are best buds for?” Riley asked as he smiled at his best friend. He started yawning as Lucky started doing the same. Before both of them knew it, they had fallen asleep on the couch, with Riley’s head resting on Lucky’s shoulder.


Morning came as Lucky opened his eyes, feeling the warmth of Riley against his shoulder. He carefully got up and pulled the blanket over his best friend as he headed to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face.

He turned off the water and looked up into the mirror, seeing a man in his early thirties standing behind him. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair and was dressed in all black, with a red crystal hanging around his neck.

“What the fu-”

As Lucky turned around, the man put a blue crystal necklace around his neck and quickly spoke an old Latin phrase.┬áBefore Lucky could react, he fell to his knees, coughing. He looked down, seeing he wasn’t kneeling on the tile floor of his bathroom, but on the dirt covered ground of another world. There was a dense fog all around, making it impossible to see.

“Hello?” Lucky asked as he tried to stand up, but stumbled a bit. “Weird dude with the crystal? Anyone?” Lucky looked down at his t-shirt and pajama pants, cursing the weirdo for not even letting him put on his day clothes. He was still wearing the blue crystal around his neck. “Where the hell am I?”

A howling was heard in the distance as Lucky held his palm up, creating a ball of light to guide his path as he walked. He calmly stepped forward, not sure what to expect now.


“You sent him WHERE!?” Jerrica shouted as she threw a vase at Jax.

“*I* didn’t send him anywhere,” Jax said as he avoided the vase. “He did.”

The man in black was sitting on the couch, smiling at Jerrica. “Hi, how are ya?”

“Bring. Him. Back,” Jerrica ordered through gritted teeth.

“Can’t,” the man in black said, a little afraid of Jerrica now. “It’s a one way ticket from this end. It’s up to him to find his way back. Jax assured me that he’ll-”

“Jax is an idiot!” Jerrica shouted. “He’s not ready for the Void! He doesn’t even have his full powers yet!”

“Which is why he needed to go now,” Jax replied. “You know why neither of us can enter the Void. Lucky’s the only one who can do this. It was now or never. We need the book.”

“He’s going to die in there,” Jerrica said. “We can live without the book. It’s Lucky that we can’t live without.”

“Have faith in our nephew,” Jax told her. “If anyone can survive the Void, he can. I mean, Leo survived the Void, and he had a broken arm.”

“He also had powers and his scythe,” Jerrica reminded him. “If he dies there, something horrible is going to happen to the two of you.”

“So, you up for a beer, Scotty?” Jax asked as Jerrica stormed out of the room.

“Your sister is ticked, are you sure we did the right thing?” Scotty asked.

“I’ve raised Lucky since he was a baby,” Jax told him as his face turned serious. “That boy can do anything, even without powers. He’s going to do this, and we’re going to have the one thing that can keep our family from ever coming after us.”


Lucky was walking along the fog covered landscape, not sure what to make of his situation now. “Hello?”A low growling was heard as Lucky tried to remain silent. “Come on, can’t I just have some freakin’ clue what to do here?”

It wasn’t long before Lucky saw a pair of menacing yellow eyes off in the distance. He stumbled backward and fell, causing the light in his hand to stop. He scrambled to his feet and started running, but because he couldn’t see anything in front of him, he tripped and fell down a steep hill, hitting his head on a tree stump. Before he passed out, he saw the menacing yellow eyes in the distance again before the darkness overtook him.


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  1. Man, I really enjoyed this chapter. From the pizza man prank to the scarecrow flashback and now Uncle Jax forcing a baptism by fire. A surprisingly fun read!

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