Spellbound #3 “The Void, Part Two”


Sometimes I wonder why I was nicknamed Lucky, because frankly, just about everything leading up to this morning hasn’t exactly been… well, lucky for me. I’m a half mortal/half warlock, I’m being raised by a straight-laced aunt and an uncle who loves making chaos, I have a crush on a girl I can’t even say two words to without freezing up, and I have an algebra test on Monday that I’m nowhere near ready for.

Lucky? Right.


“Come on, kid, wake up,” a voice said as Lucky felt a slap to his face, followed by another. “We don’t have time for this, get up already!”

Lucky slowly opened his eyes and saw a man standing over him. He didn’t seem to be too much older than Lucky, but judging by the ragged condition of his clothes, he looked like he had been in the Void for quite some time.

“Who are you?” Lucky asked quietly as he tried to sit up.

“Don’t get up, kid, you took a nasty spill and hit your head,” the man told him. “My name’s Chad, and this world is-”

“CHAD!?” Lucky shouted as he sat up too quickly, grabbing his head in pain. “You’re- I mean, I know you! I mean, I don’t know you, but-”

“You’re Walker’s kid,” Chad smiled as he brought Lucky a drink. “I can tell. He had a tendency to babble like an idiot, too. That must mean that it’s been… a long time since anyone’s been here. How is Walker?”

“He died before I was born,” Lucky said as he took a drink of water.

“Sorry to hear that,” Chad told him. “Leo probably thinks I hate his guts for leaving me here, doesn’t he?”

“He thinks a lot of people hate him,” Lucky said. “He… hasn’t had it easy. He lost his scythe for a long time after he escaped here, and when he got it back-”

“I know the whole story about Leo,” Chad told him as he looked out the window of the small shack they were standing in. “I’ve had… one other visitor. This is limbo, kid. This is where Death used to bring people who weren’t meant to die until it’s their time. Did Leo tell you about this place?”

“The Void? Yeah, he told me the story growing up, I just never thought I’d actually be forced to come here,” Lucky said as he tried to stand up. “Why am I here? Did you bring me here?”

“If I had that kind of power, I’d have left this place long ago,” Chad said as he looked back at Lucky. “If you were sent here, it was for one of two things: Me or the book. And I doubt you’re here for me.”

“Book?” Lucky asked.


“Why couldn’t that a-hole have let me get dressed before sending me here?” Lucky asked as he followed Chad through the dense fog while holding a ball of light in his hand to keep the path bright for them. “Or at least let me get my shoes on. It figures the first time I’m allowed to go someplace without shoes and it’s covered in rocks. Where are we going?”

“To get your book,” Chad told him. “You remember how Leo told you that this was where his final fight with Dracula took place?”

“Yeah,” Lucky told him. “So?”

“That book is what allowed Dracula to turn this place into his personal playground,” Chad replied. “This place used to be a sunny paradise until he turned it into Hell. There used to be people here, lots of them. When Dracula got done… well, Leo told you the horror stories about the zombies and undead souls.”

“Yeah,” Leo replied. “So, why hasn’t anyone been sent here since?”

“Because this place is a wasteland now,” Chad told him. “A new limbo had to be chosen for souls to be taken too. The only reason I’m still here is because I never technically died. I was forced here while I was still alive, like you and Leo were.”

“I can take you back with me,” Lucky told him. “If I can find a way home. Maybe as soon as I get the book, we can-”

“Nice try, kid,” Chad laughed. “It’s been twenty years since I came here.I haven’t aged, I haven’t gotten sick. Hell, outside of my clothes deteriorating and the weather being constantly crappy I don’t have much to complain about here. Besides, I don’t think I’d have a place in the real world now. Twenty years is a long time.”

Lucky remained silent as he followed Chad through the foggy landscape, keeping the way lit. As they walked, a pair of menacing yellow eyes followed them in the distance.


“There it is,” Chad said as he pointed to the castle that Dracula had made his home. “The former home of Dracula, where he ruled over this place. You’ll find the book in his personal library.”

“Wait, aren’t you coming?” Lucky asked.

“Sorry, kid, this is your quest, I’m just the guy who got you here,” Chad said as he shook Lucky’s hand. “If by chance you are stuck here, come find me. It’ll be nice to have a room mate who actually listens to me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lucky asked as Chad started walking away. “What’s the supposed to mean!?”


Lucky soon made his way into the castle, which had been abandoned for the last 16 years. It was dusty and dark, with a very creepy vibe to it. Lucky concentrated on his hand and created a small flame that he used to light a torch on the wall.

“Okay, I just have to find the library,” Lucky said as he felt something rush behind his back. He quickly turned around and saw nothing there. “I am so turning the guy who sent me here into a toad. Or an insect. Or something worse, like one of those dogs that reality star totes around in her purse.”

Lucky continued forward, being careful where he stepped as he looked for the library. He slowly pushed open the first door and stepped inside of a room, holding the torch in front of him and saw jars of blood lining the walls.

“Okay, gross,” Lucky said to himself. “Looks like I just found Dracula’s personal blood bank.”

Lucky turned around and ran right into the furry chest of a six foot tall cat creature. It was standing on two legs and looked humanoid, with glowing yellow eyes.

“Human,” the cat creature smirked with its fanged teeth.

“Do I want to know what you are?” Lucky asked as he ran for the door, but was cut off by the creature.

“I am Dracula’s Familiar,” the creature told him. “I am his loyal servant, who eagerly awaits the masters return.”

“And do you have a name?” Lucky asked as he looked around for a way out as the cat got closer to him.


“Yeah, okay, I was taking you seriously up until you said that,” Lucky said as he tossed the torch up into the air and turned it into confetti. The room went dark as Lucky rushed straight to the door, closing it behind him and put a table in front of it. “There, that should-”

Unfortunately Lucky forgot the door opened inwards as Kevin pulled the door open and shoved the table away.

“I’m going to run now,” Lucky said as he started running. The cat creature got on all fours and gave chase as Lucky ran down the hall, not bothering to look behind him. “I’mdeadI’mdeadI’mdead.”

Lucky rounded the corner just as Kevin was about to pounce him, but it was then that Lucky ran face first into a cloaked figure and fell backwards. The figure held out his hand as Kevin paused in mid-air.

“You will not have this one,” the cloaked figure said in a dark, echoing voice. “Be gone, Familiar.”

The cloaked figure snapped his finger as Kevin turned from a large beast back into his original form of a cute black kitten. It hit the floor and hissed at Lucky before running off Lucky just looked up at the figure.

“Are you going to try to kill me, too?” Lucky asked.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the cloaked figure told him. “Go home before I make this your new home.”

As the figure turned away, Lucky got up and grabbed his cloak. “You’re not leaving until you tell me-” Lucky pulled too hard on the cloak, pulling down the hood and gasped in shock at what he saw. “You.”


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