Or: “So you’d like to write for BNV”

Hi there, and thank you for taking an interest in our little corner of the interwebs! We love what we do here at Brave New ‘Verse and hope you enjoy it just as much; or why else would you be here?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and are eager to hear what you have on offer. However, there are a few guidelines we’d like for you to follow to some degree – some are flexible, some are less so.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Brave New ‘Verse is the spiritual child of the Shimmerverse, a fictional reality first penned by Miranda Sparks and expanded with the aid of her fellow web authors.
  2. The roots of BNV are superhero based and set in a contemporary era, but by no means feel limited to that. Ours is a setting in which anything can happen short of, you know, the world ending or whatever.
  3. If your story DOES end the world or change it in some profound way we can easily call it a parallel universe or something that fits the cohesiveness of the reality as a whole.
  4. Occasionally we like to do crossovers with titles other than our own; otherwise what’s the point of having a shared universe? However, using other writer’s characters or properties without express permission is NOT COOL.
  5. All titles are owned by their respective creators, and can be added to or removed from BNV at the creator’s leisure.
  6. Unless stated otherwise all stories are rated PG; meaning no graphic depictions of sex or violence, and mild course violence at worst. Anything else must be tagged ‘INTENDED FOR MATURE READERS.’
  7. In terms of story format the preferred method is 750-1,500 word chapters, preferably once per week. (We’re flexible about this. We know that life happens.)
  8. Stories need not be ongoing. We accept shorts and limited series. The more the merrier! Just do your best to make sure you wrap them up.

As you can see it’s fairly casual (as it should be, since none of us are here for money; at least for the time being.)

If you’d like to be a part of Brave New ‘Verse then shoot an email with some of your ideas to and we can have a conversation.

Until then be well, dear readers!

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