By Brent Lambert

An alliance of empires stands to fall apart from threats within and without. Two exiled royals find themselves on a crash course with who destroyed their family. Malicious forces are moving everything to war and on the galactic winds are carried a name no one understands.


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Ape Man

By Scott Casper

The Bronx Zoo, 1962. Dr. Raymond Carter is conducting a scientific experiment on apes which will create — the Ape-Man!

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By Patrick Moore

Max Brenford isn’t into the world of money and society. His world is helping people with his state of the art gadgets which he uses to make people smile. When his police detective brother is killed during a case, Max decides to continue the fight against crime his own way. As a costumed crime fighter known as “The Ghostman”, Max fights evil like his favorite pulp heroes. Is Kirby City ready for it’s first superhero?

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By Edward Ainsworth


There is a Legend, that when the Raven’s leave the Tower of London, the city will crumble to dust, so what does it mean when every Raven, Crow, Magpie and Rook dies in a single cloud of feathers, blood and beaks at the same time over a London hospital?

The City of London is strange, but, without it’s cleverest birds, and staunchest defenders, it has grown even stranger. Everyone knows Crows are murderers, but now the residents of the City are starting to understand what is was they murdered, and For Gods sake, why won’t they come back?

Fast forward twenty years, and London has become the capital for the odd in the world, and a small group of people, born on the day the birds died, defend the city from the strange forms of Memetic Drift and Folklore operating systems that has infested its workings.

They are the Corvidae, and they’re not averse to killing.

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By Miranda Sparks

In the fourteen billion year life of our planet new life has evolved, civilizations have risen, and through it all the spirit of the Earth has been watching. Now, in the present day, the Earth has decided to make contact, and Galataea is born.

Child of Earth

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By Miranda Sparks


In the dark corners of Tokyo gang violence runs rampant, and no gang is fiercer than the band of transgender hellions known as the Hellbound Dolls. One day when supernatural evil strikes, the Dolls are offered new womanhood in exchange for one thousand evil souls, but with a hidden catch.

Going Platinum
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Emerald Nightmare
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By Joshua Sykes

In Harmony City corruption isn’t just a problem, it’s a skilled trade exercised by Mayor John Warrick. But Jason Hawkins has returned to set the city he loves on a better path. He’s ready to prove that justice can be absolutely Lethal.

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By Matt Pierce

The Majoris Confederacy: a union of worlds struggling to hold itself together, defending the cosmic right and adhering to a system of values that are rapidly becoming difficult to uphold, even for themselves. Throughout the Confederacy, a conscripted guard of young citizens contributes to the ideal of a common good, placing themselves in harm’s way for worlds that cannot help themselves. Can these young heroes hold the line against the galaxy’s evils? Or how about the Eridani Imperium and their belief that ‘only the strongest survive?’

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By Miranda Sparks

Kaira Cade is a transgender high school senior who’s just starting to assert herself as a girl. Things don’t always go her way; but you know how these stories go. Suddenly, superpowers! What the hey? And there you have Glimmer Girl, yet another secret identity for her to juggle.

Starlight, Star Bright…
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The Reign of Cats and Dogs
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Broken Toys
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[Halloween 2014 – “Cracks in the Mirror”]
[Christmas 2014 – “The Krampus is Coming to Town”]
[Valentines Day 2015 – “A Date to Remember”]

Glimmer Girl PLUS
Bonfire – “Fire and Light”
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By Brent Lambert

There are as many universes as the human body has cells, as there are grains of sand on a beach.  In fact, there are probably many more.  These universes interact and intersect constantly across time and space.  Things slip through.  People slip through.  Cyrus Creed and his specialized team keep the world safe from the most deadly of these slips, but even they might not be enough to hold back what’s coming.

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By Tobias Christopher

For centuries, magic has been used for evil in the bloodline of Lucky’s family. Now, Lucas “Lucky” Sullivan is determined to change things and use his abilities to help others. Together with his friends, Lucky is going to be the hero that his father always wanted him to be.

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By JD Mathis

Welcome to Low Cy aka the Streetz. This is the low city beneath the bright shiny city that is Neotropolis. While the rich and powerful play above in their bright shiny towers, the ones that keep the city running, live their lives to the best of their abilities. In the end everyone needs a helping hand, and the people get it in the form of Dominik McKormac aka Street Rat who lends a hand to the best of his abilities while staying a couple steps ahead of the local law enforcement.

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True Blue

By Miranda Sparks

A fair dinkum Aussie fighting for truth, justice, and a fair go for all. True Blue was the hero of a nation until his retirement ten years ago. What new threats have come to draw this battler back to the front lines?

End of an Era

Back in the Saddle

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