Miranda Sparks is a web author, comedian, commentator, radio personality, community volunteer and transgender advocate/activist from Brisbane, Australia. She’s always wearing tights, but swears it has nothing to do with her love of superheroes. The glasses aid her vision and are NOT a cunning disguise.

Scott Casper was born with a comic book already in his possession, a Richie Rich book from a great aunt who didn’t seem to get that babies aren’t good with paper things. A life-long comic book fan and lover of the superhero genre, Scott is pleased to be able to craft new stories with familiar-feeling characters, deeply rooted in the Silver Age of comics.

Edward Ainsworth, a student of the strange. Comparable to a buffalo eating a bumble bee, Ed is neither pretty or useful. However, learning the ropes of writing from Fan-Fiction, and becoming a devoted member of the Church of Urban Fantasy and NuWeird/Slipstream, he has upped his game from dead bird weaponry into turning cities into Fibre-Optic Arthropod Gods & Sewage Dressed Storm Drain Goddesses. Raised in the wilds of Britain, with a brief dalliance in New South Wales, Australia, he maintains the British stereotype of being unnecessarily polite and writing about strange people in a strange world (with as much swearing as feasible).

Brent Lambert is a humble guy with a few dashes of arrogance.  “Writing is what I breathe and eat.  It’s the spiritual food that gets me through everyday.  From the time I was a military brat to a teenager/young adult living in suburban Georgia to finally becoming a full-fledged adult in the lovely state of California, I have always needed a pen and paper.  It is my hope to express my truth and life through my words.  And if I wouldn’t mind getting some prizes and mullah along the way, but one thing at a time.”

Jimmy “JD” Mathis lives in the south with his wife Joline. When he isn’t working towards his degree in criminal justice in order to become a Parole and Probation Officer, he is spending time with his family, reading, writing, collecting comics, and watching movies. School and life keeps him busy, but not so busy he can’t enjoy life.

Tobias Christopher is the the codename for America’s daring, highly trained retail worker hailing from the magical land of Greenwood, Indiana. His purpose, to defend human freedom against Bieber, a ruthless pop star determined to rule the world.

Joshua Sykes is an aspiring filmmaker and writer who fell in love with storytelling after he saw Pulp Fiction. A DC comics fanatic, his goal is to one day win a Golden Globe.

Matt Pierce feels like he’s lived many lives: a foreign war veteran, an investigator and now a defense contractor. He’s an American expatriate living in South Korea serving those who serve. A comic book fan since the age of six, Matt now loves to hate them and can be a bit of a comic curmudgeon but don’t let him fool you; he loves his 4-color heroes and would love to have a brick and mortar store of his very own someday.

Patrick Moore is a fan of anime, writing cartoon and superhero fanfiction, reading comics, and plans on writing his own e-books in the future. Born in Indiana, Patrick plans on being a best selling author to help his family. He is writing his own work to be published in 2015.

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