Galataea #02 – “Child of Earth” (Part 2)



The air was flush with panic. The sound as sharp as lightning turned heads and sent feet shuffling. All of the wasteland animals understood the shape of the danger, and almost forgot about Galataea.

“Get out of the way, freak!” The little person rejoined the human torrent that passed around Galataea like a stone in a stream.

Peering over them, the giant spotted a figure in a hood sprinting from a glass cave. They did not run like the others; their urgency carried no consideration for those around. While the nuances might have been alien to Galataea they knew a predator when they saw one.

Bounding over the crowd, the nude person stepped over the heads of the metal carriers, often enticing honking roars as their feet landed. Some stopped to gawk at them, this person who was like them but not like them, as they closed the stretch between them the hunter.

“What the hell is that?”

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Galataea #01 – “Child of Earth” (Part 1)


Galataea had not opened their eyes.

Below their feet rolled the tremors of earthworms as soil passed through them, decay entering one end and nutrients bursting from the other. Ants scuttled by the millions, negotiating the labyrinth in single file, back and forth, with hunters carrying supplies and workers carving new paths on their behalf.

The figure raked their toes through the grass and pulled it into bunches, then shivered at the sensation. Between the blades plants did battle in slow time, inching through days while birds, beetles and insects collected their due. The green drew strength from the sun, moisture from below, and reached up to bow for the breeze running them by.

Galataea smiled and arched their shoulders. The midday warmth baked their skin while the flesh cast in shade pimpled at the cool tickle of the elements. What ozone that lingered under the canopy of smog jutted into their nostrils, while birds close by and the distant roaring of artificial beasts clashed in concert.

Every tooth shone from their smile as Galataea opened their eyes for the first time.

Words spilled from their mouth, though most would not understand. In a language unique to them Galataea remarked “this life is beautiful.”

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