Lethal #0


Jason Hawkins stares out into the London sky, his shirt opened, a grave expression on his face. He closes his eyes for just a moment and when he does he’s taken back to the previous night:

In an underground pub, Jason paces back and forth as a beautiful red haired girl walks into the middle of the room, a crowd surrounding them both. “I’m sure all you brave and rugged London gents are more than ready to put your money where your mouth is. The pot’s swelled to over eight hundred pounds. And it goes to the first man who can take the champion off his feet.”

The crowd looks warily at the girl and her prized fighter, as two men drag the previous challenger out of harms way, his face swelling and his shirt blood soaked.

“I’ll take on the wanker, Envy!” A man yells from the crowd, waving his money and stepping forward. He takes off his jacket and hands it to his wife along with his beer. He hands his money to Envy, and steps towards Jason, who isn’t even facing him. The man towers over Jason, with at least six inches on him, yet Jason refuses to acknowledge his presence.

“You little bastard, show me some respect before I rip your head off in front of your lady there.” The man reaches out and grabs Jason by the shoulder, wrenching him around to face him. As soon as Jason turns the man throws a punch that is easily smacked away. Before he can follow up, Jason cracks the man with a vicious kick to his knee. The man drops to one knee on impact, clutching his injured leg. Jason circles the man, taunting him as he does so.

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